Ceramic Art by Vic Lepejian

Meet Vic.

Vic has masters degree in Applied Arts from The Academy of Fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia. In 1970 he participated in a group exhibition on the 55-th anniversary of the "Armenian Massacre" and won 1-st prize. His works are included in the collections of art enthusiasts in Armenia, Russia, Australia, Britain, France, Holland, U.S.A, Israel, New Zealand, Spain and Italy. His tile works are truly graceful, elegant and most beautiful. A collectors delight. Each piece is framed and ready to hang and signed by the artist. All pieces are underglazed and kiln fired so there is no chipping, fading or peeling of the colours. No two pieces ever come out alike.
  • Born in Jerusalem, attended and graduated from the Armenian Secondary School.
  • Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, in Yerevan Armenia, with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts.
  • Locally and internationally known and respected for artistic accomplishment in ceramics, sculpting, painting, metal chasing and design.
  • Created one of a kind and multi-media pieces for businesses, private homes, gardens, restaurants and Holy sites in Jerusalem and all over the world. These sites include the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem, Notre Dam Centre, St. Peter in Gallicantu, Dormition Abbey and many more.
  • Held One Man Exhibitions in Israel, Italy, United States, Australia, England, Spain and Mexico.
  • Designed and created the tile facade of the main entrance to a chapel in Wellington, New Zealand. The composition narrates the history and evolution of the world from the beginning of time to the 20th century.
  • On behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism ( Holyland 2000), participated in the ASTA Convention in Los-Angeles twice, WTM Exhibition in London twice, FITUR Tourism Exhibition in Madrid, NRB Exhibition in Anaheim Los Angeles and EPCOT Exhibition in Disney World Orlando.
Vic Lepejian
Armenian Quarter, Jaffa Gate (Next to the Police station)
P.O.Box 14418
Tel. 02-6280496

Vic can help you design a tile wall in your home, place of work or even place of worship.

There are many available tiles which aren't yet on our site but if you click our e mail button below and let us know what you would like we would be glad to arrange for what you want.

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Visitors of T.G.I. now have the unique opportunity to order one of Vic's personalized pieces. These can be used as a door plaque for personal rooms or doors. They come in English, Hebrew, or any language you wish. This includes your choice of design either from the choices on this page or if you can send us a clear description of what you would like Vic can most probably do that.
. We pack and ship very safely.

Look and see how these tiles can beautify your place. All of Vic's pieces are underglazed and kiln fired, thus there is no chipping, fading or peeling.

Whether it be his elegant door plaques or his other original artistic pieces, no two ever come out exactly alike.

Hamsa and Mazuzot casing
Hamsa and Mazuzot casing, with different Gates of the Old City, also with traditional Armenian designs.

Jerusalem Panarama
Different Gates of Jerusalem in different tile sizes and different background colors.

Tree of Life mosaic

Custom name plate
Custom plates in different sizes with traditional Armenian designs and also with Jerusalem Old City walls and gates.

Armenian pottery, traditional designs. Many other shapes are available also.

Sayings and also door name tiles.

Ceramic and Wood Trays and hot plates in Armenian traditional designs.

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